Study Abroad

Cosmos has been offering the best of career advice and guidance services for foreign education across its in Nepal and abroad since 2016. At Cosmos we offer a one stop solution center for all overseas admissions and visa application guidance. Plus our approach to assistance is to offer you a long term career guidelines. Cosmos Career Counsellors have adequate experience and knowledge to guide you through admissions, short listing courses and universities, visa applications and also in assisting you while you study.

In the new era of knowledge at your fingertips literally, does not still make it easy to comprehend from loads and loads of information accessible. Opportunities are not looked at just locally but internationally. Hence a global citizen is the most desired human resource. Having been through the grilling that Indian education puts one through, topping it up with international degrees and locations, it is the most coveted combination, sought after by a lot of companies and organizations internationally. It is a one world concept we are all moving towards.

IITs and IIMs are not the be all and end all of everything, though they still have their charm, and one is entitled to look beyond shores.

Benefits of studying abroad:

  • Good quality resources.

International education Universities offer the best of infrastructure, the best faculties, and opportunities for research.

  • Great scholarships offered to students.

To encourage research and academically brilliant students, universities abroad offer scholarships for meritorious students in order to attract scholars.

  • Freedom for intellect.

Universities abroad are liberal in their curriculum designs and responsive to industry needs and technological advancements.

  • Better education system; allowing you to encourage your original thinking.

Questioning the status quo is encouraged than subdued.

  • Great opportunities.

Some courses offer good employment outcomes, though not guaranteed but the employability post education is very high. Some of the study abroad destinations allow for a post study work permit to gain some work experience. America, Canada, U.K, Australia offer work permits or time to allow for one to explore the job markets and gaining work experience on completion of studies.

Nepal universities are definitely improving but there is still a lot to catch up to. All in all, it is a vibrant educational environment that some of the study destinations abroad offer. USA, Australia, U.K, New Zealand and Canada offer the best in foreign education besides some other destinations that are famous with the Indian students. The education system of the some of these destinations and universities is both rich in theory and application.

Universities have active relationships with the industry and the career offices assist international students in getting their step into the door after course completion. The career guidance offices run programs to teach the art of how to land a job.

Finances have always been a matter of concern, but not anymore. Nowadays, there are a lot many sources for external funding available. There are a lot of universities offering scholarships, waivers, assistantships, and grants.

Canada, New Zealand, Sweden, U.K., Australia, Germany, and Norway are some countries for further studies in the fields of Business/ IT/ Engineering/ Hospitality.

Kaski Education has a resolve to make it easier for you. We offer a customized bouquet of specialized services that are offered to suit the needs of the student.

With more than two decades of unparalleled run of sending students abroad for education, or helping them migrate abroad for a better future. We are determined to give our clients the good quality of career advice and provide a comprehensive set of services with world class quality.  Check our website to gather more knowledge about the services we offer and book an appointment with our career advisors for a better guidance.