Reasons to Choose Australia for Study

Studying abroad is ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. When you make this crucial decision for your career, there are several options from different countries and universities to different courses and programs. This opportunity helps you broaden your extent of being hired by the leading corporate and firms that offer high pay. Currently, there is a strong rivalry in every field. And to improve your chances, you should carefully choose your study abroad destination.

One of the most popular destinations among Indian students for 2020-21 intakes is Australia. And the reasons are quite obvious. Some of them have been listed here:


Believe it or not, but most courses and programs in Australia are affordable. It is because they are designed to be shorter. However, they are packed with the industry-specific and career-oriented curriculums. So, students get a chance to learn more from their program. Since the programs here are for a shorter period, they tend to be more affordable than other popular destinations offering the same courses or programs. In addition to this, you will find Australia far affordable than the UK and US when it comes to living expenses.

2.Quality of education is high

Australian universities and colleges are known for incorporating the latest technological advances, innovations, and current market/industry trends to ensure that the programs or courses meet the highest education standards. Since the coursework is designed as per the evolving demand of the industry, the quality of education improved automatically.

3.A huge variety of education (courses and programs) available to choose from

Universities and colleges in Australia offer a wide range of courses and programs. Hence, students get numerous options to choose from as per their area of interest and career objectives. Apart from this, these universities and colleges offer several vocational programs to help students gain valuable and career-centric skills that most employers look for.

4.Australian universities are known for providing globally recognized degrees

The degrees provided by the universities in Australia are globally accepted and highly valued. As a result of this, Australia is becoming one of the most popular destinations among international students.

5.Australian universities – assurance of quality

The government of Australia has designed the quality assurance framework so that universities, colleges, and other educational institutions can easily meet the highest standards with a focus on the right structure. The Education Services for Overseas Students or ESOS framework puts the safety of international students on the topmost priority. So, all international students are guaranteed financial protection along with a range of valuable services.

6.Australia is the best destination for research-based courses and programs

If you are interested in research-based education or course, then Australia is the best place for your aspirations. There are numerous research opportunities available to students and professionals who are eligible for the same. Just keep one thing in mind is that these opportunities are highly rewarding and competitive but they are based on merits.

7.Get the best support services

A majority of universities and colleges in Australia have a dedicated support unit for international students. These units help international students by providing them with the answers to their queries and questions and directing them to the services they require. In addition to this, Australian universities provide their students with a hotline. Many universities and colleges also provide student preparations and orientation programs. Individual tutoring, counseling services, and workshops are also provided to help international students with English proficiency and gain other essential skills. Some universities and colleges in Australia also encourage students to form student groups to provide the necessary support to international students.

8.Hassle-free visa regulations and formalities for international students

Every year thousands of students visit Australia to pursue their dream course. To keep this country an attractive and preferred study abroad destination for international students, the Government of Australia has simplified the study visa process. The time taken in the study visa process has been significantly reduced and the number of documents needed for identity proof.

9.Numerous part-time work opportunities are waiting for you

One of the major reasons to fly to Australia to study abroad is the part-time work opportunities available for you. By availing those opportunities, you can earn some extra bucks while studying and thereby reduce the living expenses. In Australia, universities and colleges allow their students to work maximum up to 20 hours per week. This will not only help you earn extra money but allow you to gain some relevant work experience.

10.Explore the job opportunities available for your after completing your studies

Australia has various job opportunities to offer in an array of fields or disciplines. Some of the most thriving fields or disciplines in Australia include healthcare, data analysis, commercial analysis, cyber security, software development, digital marketing, business development, event management, facilities management, human resources, customer engagement, aeronautics, agriculture, education, civil design, architecture, and so on. You can choose any of these disciplines to make the most out of the opportunities available.

11.Enjoy the diversity in society and culture

Australia is one of the most culturally diverse countries. The country is known for being friendly, safe, peaceful, and quite laid-back. International students in Australia are readily accepted by their professors and fellow students.

12.Australia is a land of beauty

Australia is a beautiful combination of outstanding landmarks, sandy beaches, world heritage sites, breathtaking rainforests, deserts, and so on. As an international student, your vacations must be happily occupied visiting several beautiful places and attractions in this incredible country. Be it the Fraser Island, Opera House in Sydney, Uluru Rock, Bondi Beach or the Great Barrier Reef, you will have multiple options to choose from.

What is Next?

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