Cosmos Education Network

Cosmos International Education is one of the registered Consultancy of Nepal which was established on 2016 A.D having with the vision of recruiting and placing the Nepalese students in the top most universities of Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA and many more countries of Europe and currently, it is situated approximately 40 meter east from the Chipledhunga (Sliding Stone) or nearly about 10 meter west from the building of Nepal Telecom. The consultancy has been recognized as one of the trusted avenues for numerous students which has been sending a lot of students to the different universities of the planet. It is the matter of immense pleasure that the very consultancy has been providing quite transparent and authentic service to the students. We do not only provide guidance and counseling to our beloved students, we also provide genuine counseling to their parents. In fact, the sole aim to establish the consultancy is to answer the queries, documentation, visa processing, travel itinerary planning and job guidance and so on of the students who are willing to go to the overseas.

As regard the team of the consultancy, quite experienced, dynamic and dedicated persons are always with you in order to assist you. The students will be amazed after being taught by the highly experienced national and international English Instructors.

Our Mission

Do you know the reasons to roam a person here and there? Of course, either he/she has forgotten his/ her goal himself/herself or has not been supported by anyone else. Remember, Rome was not built in a day. Our sole mission is to facilitate the students providing authentic and apparent information and guiding them in their troublesome. Similarly, Cosmos has been already recognized as one of the renowned consultancy in the Kathmandu & Pokhara Valley and there is no doubt that the very consultancy is trying its best to get its climax soon. In fact, aim should be to fly up to the moon. In order to reach a peak, it has been applying awesome techniques which will directly and/or indirectly aid to the students that the students will obviously feel when they visit the consultancy. Likewise, in order to recognize the consultancy as one of the best platform of English test, both national and international English trainers are available here. Actions always speak louder than words and taking it in mind; we have a very specific mission to show the easiest path for the safe landing to our beloved students.

Our vision

In order to be recognized as a unique consultancy, the consultancy has to perform a bit outstanding tasks with awesome vision and we also have been doing so and planning to add some noble features which the students really realize when they become as a part of the consultancy. It is assured that we never count quantity but always quality. Of course, imagination is more powerful than knowledge. Therefore, We have been striving a lot to recognize the consultancy as one of the leading, trusted and renowned international educational consulting company. May the consultancy always remain as balm for the bruised hearts for those numerous students who are keen interested to go to the overseas. We always would like to be as a milestone for our clients. Visit here and be as a part of the consultancy entire your life is a central theme of Cosmos International Education { Cosmos Education Network }.

WHY Cosmos ?

Cosmos has proved itself as one of the well-established education consultancy, which is strongly determined to provide valuable consulting services about studying abroad. Undoubtedly this education consultancy is one of the trusted and accredited representatives of renowned colleges and universities of different countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Europe and Japan. Moreover, Cosmos is cluster of dynamic, dedicated, experienced team members. They are always ready to assist you throughout your entire processing. Their friendly behaviors will definitely bring smile on your face.