Things You Should Know About Canada Before Studying

Canada is one of the most popular and highly preferred destinations for study abroad among international students. According to the reports by, this country host over 180,000 international students every year. And this is because of its high-quality education. Apart from this, Canada is considered one of the safest nations for international students with rare racism incidences.

If you are planning to study in Canada, we must say – great choice! However, you will have to understand a few important things before you pack your bags and head off to Canada. It is because we know that moving to a new place can be extremely baffling and challenging at times but once you are familiar with the tidbits of your host country, it becomes far easier for you to adapt to the changes.

So, without wasting your more time, let us get started!

1.Canada is a big country

In terms of total area, Canada is the largest in North America and the second-largest country after Russia in the world. Around 90% of the residents here live within 200km. of the border with the US. This proximity to the global power – the US, Canada is undeniably one of the dream destinations of many international including Nepalese students.

2.Canada is like the second home to Nepalese

Canada is like the second home to many Nepalese. Cities such as Toronto, British Columbia, and Ontario has the maximum number of Nepali communities. This is one of the main reasons why this country shares a special bond with Nepal. Hence, students get a home-like feel during their stay. This makes easier for Nepalese students to adapt to the new surroundings which is extremely important for them.

3.English is one of the official languages of Canada

The country has two official languages – French and English. If Nepali students are not familiar with French, then they can choose to study in English. This means there is no need to put extra effort to learn the official language of the host country since students can find their preferred courses and programs in English too. One more thing English is not only used in universities and colleges, but it is also used in general and governmental communications.

4.Canada is recognized for its globally accepted degrees

Canada is home to several top-notch universities and colleges. They provide globally recognized bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, associate’s degrees, diplomas and certificates, and doctoral degrees. Since these educational institutions are managed by the provincial governments, you will find slight differences in the education and teaching patterns. However, it is suggested to carefully check and understand them before applying to one.

5.A higher standard of life but the lower cost of living

Everybody knows that the quality of life in this country is quite higher. But this does not mean that the cost of living here is high. On the other hand, when you compare the same standard of life or living with other countries, you will see a huge difference in the cost. Right from education to healthcare and accommodation to travel, Canada delivers the best services at reasonable costs.

6.Wide range of scholarship programs available for international students

The financial aspect is one of the major concerns for international students for their education in an overseas nation. While the living cost is already lesser when compared to other countries, international students can get the benefits of the wide range of scholarship programs being offered by the universities, governments, etc.

7.Explore the post-study work opportunities

The Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) allows the students to work on-campus as well as off-campus while studying. And the best part of this story is that students will have numerous opportunities to earn extra bucks to manage their expenses. These post-study job opportunities are abundant and indeed one of the best features of Canada for international students. Apart from this, students can also apply to get a temporary work permit after their graduation and even can get permanent residency after gaining some relevant work experience.

8.Canada is simply beautiful

When you are in Canada, you can see the beauty at its best. Canada is home to diverse cultures and traditions, picturesque landscapes, locality, and a fresh atmosphere. Additionally, the country has countless breathtaking snow-capped mountains along with crystal clear lakes. Here, you can enjoy different adventure and outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, rafting, trekking, and so on. Covered with dense forests, this exuberant nation is better known to have 10% of the world’s forests. Thus, apart from study and career goals, you will also get numerous opportunities to execute the adventures on your bucket list.

Closing Remarks

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