New Zealand

New Zealand is fast emerging among the most attractive places for international students. New Zealand universities are known for their unique learning and training techniques. The escalation in technology and research in New Zealand is because of UCOL (Universal College of Learning). The main aim of UCOL is to help students succeed in life, by providing the right skills and knowledge. The success of the students studying in New Zealand proves the benefit of choosing New Zealand as a destination for studies. Studying in New Zealand is a great way to see the country while you gain new knowledge and skills. New Zealand is a modern, profane, and democratic society with no entrenched class system.

Why Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a growing destination for international students and is one of the most beautiful places in the world to live in. There are multiple reasons to study in New Zealand:

  • Academic options:There are numerous courses available for academic, professional and vocational studies for students in the prestigious universities in New Zealand.
  • Growing Destination:Studying in New Zealand is becoming a more popular destination for students as compared to other countries. The New Zealand government has opened doors to students from all over the world.
  • Promising career opportunities:New Zealand offers education to help students take a leading place in the exciting global companies.

Eligibility & Requirements for Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is a country that welcomes over 145 countries international students for studies. The eligibility criteria for the students coming to New Zealand From different parts of the world may vary according to their governing protocols. But the basic requirements for eligibility of study in New Zealand are:

  • Invitation from a recognized university: A person needs to fill an application form and obtain an offer to place from any government institute, a private institute, university or workplace training approved by New Zealand qualification authority (NZQA).
  • Documentation:Academic documents are required for applying in any university in New Zealand. Transcripts of the degrees obtained are required for postgraduation.
  • Language test:To Earn a study visa for New Zealand a student must pass the language test i.e. IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Funds:The student applying for the course must have sufficient funds for the completion of the program, so the disclosure of funds is required.
  • Health certification:The student should present a health certification from an authorized clinic of their country.

Cost of studying in New Zealand

The tuition fees that student needs to pay, vary according to the universities chosen and program opted. Students can get the best career options after pursuing studies in New Zealand universities. The study cost in New Zealand of such courses depends on the subjects selected in these post duration courses. The cost of studying in New Zealand are:

  • Bachelor’ Degree:The study cost in New Zealand for an undergraduate degree is 18,000 to 25000 New Zealand dollars.
  • Post-graduate Degree: A master’s study in New Zealand costs between 10,000 to 30,000 New Zealand dollars.
  • Doctoral Degree:A Ph.D. study cost around 30000 to 40000 New Zealand dollars.

Cost of Living in New Zealand

The cost of living in New Zealand is considerably dependent on the location within the country. Apart from tuition and insurance fees, there are other expenses like accommodation, food, transportation, and entertainment expenses also. The estimation of expenses are as follows:

  • Accommodation expenses:These expenses vary between 800 to 900 NZ dollars per month depending upon the location.
  • Grocery expenses:100 to 150 NZ dollars per week.
  • Transportation expenses:
    • Taxi fare:10 to 15 NZ dollar per 5 km
    • Public transport:15 to 55 NZ dollar per week